Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Third Love (Movie)

           It is actually kind of hard to gather my thoughts for this movie. I'm very half-half about this movie. I enjoyed it for the most part but there are things that I didn't enjoy. Some scenes could've went differently and some scenes seemed a bit over the top. This movie definitely had potential to be this bittersweet type of movie but by the end I wasn't sure how to approach this. The ending was definitely not satisfying for me because it showed me how sometimes even the best relationships don't get "happily ever afters" and that love isn't always answer. 
           This movie tells the sad love story between Zhou Yu and Lin Qi Zheng. Zhou Yu is a young and beautiful lawyer who lives with her friend. Her friend is obsessed with Lin Qi Zheng, the boss at her company. As her best friend dives into a self-made fantasy about how she and Lin Qi Zheng are dating and even attempts to commit suicide when he wasn't reciprocating the "love," Zhou Yu decides to take things into her own hands. In order to help her friend, she goes to the company to confront the young and rich CEO to get him to make himself clear to her friend and to fire her so that her friend can move on. Lin Qi Zheng is extremely confused by Zhou Yu's angry outburst for he had never even interacted with her friend before. Realizing this, Zhou Yu goes back to apologize and the two begin meeting each other more often for work. They slowly begin to fall in love while trying to keep it hidden from Zhou Yu's delusional friend. However, Lin Qi Zheng is from a rich family and the two were never meant to be as they were worlds apart. As friendships fall apart and traumatizing events happen, the two can only go on separate paths despite all the beautiful and loving memories the two made together. 
           I enjoyed the romance for the most part and that is the main focus in this movie. It is realistic, it is a slice of life for a lot of couples, and the chemistry between the actors were crazy. This movie is a Chinese movie but the male character is played by the Korean actor, Song Seung Heon. He also talked in Chinese but I'm pretty sure it is dubbed for the most part (thankfully in a way that isn't that obvious). Fun fact, the actors in this drama (Liu Yi Fei aka Crystal Liu) and Song Seung Heon are actually dating in real life and they are both outstanding actors and I have looked into many films that they have done. If you are to watch this, just be prepared for scenes that seem a bit "extra" and be prepared to not get the ending you hope for. 

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