Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Alice: Boy From Wonderland (Movie)

         With less than a week from Halloween, I decided to watch a horror movie that seemed pretty interesting. In this movie, Hye Joong is a graduate student who has bad nightmares which keep her from being able to daily tasks and go along with her life. She knows that she has once killed a person and can't seem to shake it off as it continuously haunts her in her dreams. As she constantly feels unwell, she is unable to remember things or do things well. People around her begin to look down on her and criticize her as well.
         She ends up going to a doctor but they find nothing wrong with her. Her aunt makes Hye Joong goes to a shaman to help take care of her problems and to stop these nightmares from happening. The shaman tells her to go to a place called Wonderland. Wonderland is a villa where Hye Joong and her family had vacationed when she was younger. Hye Joong doesn't remember much of her childhood and so she has to retrace her steps back into her past. She is to find something that she lost within the 15 days that she is there so that her nightmares can go away. If she fails to do so, all will die--herself, her aunt, and the other characters that she is to meet.
         There she meets a young man named Hwan and a woman named Ryun. Hwan is constantly by Hye Joong's side and speaks of her as though he is familiar with her from the past. He is often frustrated by the fact she doesn't recognize him. While living here, she notices strange things and strange figures showing themselves and so forth. At the same time, she also gets these flashbacks from when she was younger of being in the house and they begin to correlate with the figures she sees in the house. As she starts making an effort to find what she has lost in the house and trying to piece things together, she has to deal with the other characters in the movie. Ryun is constantly looking for her when she's alone, prepared to kill her, but Hwan is trying to protect her. As the movie goes on, reality and dreams seem to blend and blur together. The truth also slowly comes out as well as Hye Joong remembers. As it went on, it got extremely twisted but it was still nonetheless interesting.

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